WordPress Website Development

Why WordPress?

You may be thinking “What on earth is WordPress?” and I don’t blame you.  In a nutshell WordPress is a website content management system, CMS, and it powers roughly half of the worlds websites.  Which means 75M websites are running on WordPress, give or take.

If that’s not impressive enough some of the largest companies in the world trust WordPress to develop their websites, such as PlayStation, Sony Music & Star Wars to name a few.

Wordpress Website Development

Website Development Pricing

Below is our basic pricing for our website development packages. 

The Starter Pack is designed for any business that is wanting a good solid, professional online presence to get them started. This can always be built upon and developed as your business grows.  

The Booster Pack is for the already established company that perhaps have not done any updating to thier website in a while and just want to start afresh. 

Our Elite Pack is for the serious business that is ready for the next level of Digital Marketing with all the bells and whistles. 

Starter Pack

Getting You Off The Ground
£ 995
  • Free Domain Name
  • Up To 7 Pages
  • Social Media Links

Booster Pack

Website Redesign With Extras
£ 1995
  • Website Redesign
  • Up To 30 Pages
  • Custom Digital Media

Elite Pack

The Ultimate In Digital Marketing
£ 4995
  • The Ultimate Online Presence
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Bespoke Marketing Campaign


That depends on where your business is based. If you’re in the UK we will have your website hosted in the UK.

Likewise if you’re in the US, we’ll source state side based hosting. Makes sense right?

You can have as many email addresses as you please but we do advise keeping it to a minimum.

For example:

  • yourname@yourdomain.com
  • info@yourdomain.com
  • sales@yourdomain.com

Should be more than enough to get started.

It really just depends on the size of the website. Normally about 3 weeks for a basic 7 page website depending on the amount of content on there and the complexity of the layout. If you need it done quicker for whatever reason please be sure to ask us.

Custom Digital Media which is included in the Booster and Elite Packs refers to downloadable content such as brochures, guides, lists and so on in PDF format.

To a certain extent yes. We would add a page if it’s only going to have a line of text on it or 1 image, that just wouldn’t make sense.

Sure, you can alway’s email us at hello@kenspeckle.marketing Call us on 07821731179 or ask anything you want on our live chat on all the pages of this website.

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